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Are you under attack from unwanted pests? Need a hand with bed bug removal in the area? We can help! Jeepers Creepers Exterminating Inc is a pest control company based in and serving We are dedicated and hardworking pest exterminating service providers. Our highly skilled experts will do whatever it takes to promptly, effectively, and humanely remove any and all pests from your home premises and offices in the city!

What do we offer?

We provide our clients with a reliable pest inspection and extermination anywhere in the area! Our services extend to homeowners and businesses alike! You can hire us for our bed bug and bee removal, ant and termite removal and general pest extermination!

When/Why would you need us?

Pests are more than an annoyance, they are also a leading cause of property damage throughout the states, and even a minor infestation can quickly get out of control if left unchecked! We know this well, having tackled projects of all sizes and left many clients satisfied with our work! We don’t charge too much for our pest exterminating, as we enjoy keeping our rates fair at all times!

How do we do it?

We are mobile and well-equipped, so you can rely on us to promptly arrive at any location in the area you need us! We will quickly discover the root of the issue, and get straight to work removing your pest infestations!

Our team employs a humane approach at all times, which is both prompt and effective in dealing with all types of invasive pests in the area. We are here to assist you to the best of our ability, so you can count on us to do so!

We know that our clients depend on our intricate approach and effective work, so we are always ready to get to work wherever we are needed! Don’t be shy to contact the bee and bed bug removal professionals at Jeepers Creepers Exterminating Inc as soon as you need us!

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The Pest Control Company That You Should Hire Right Now


Dealing with pest problems at home is never easy. Dealing with these recurring issues can stress your out since everyone is affected by it. Eliminating these pests is a tedious job and can’t be done with a quick snap. There are many tasks that you must do. This is why you should leave your annoying termite problem to a pest removal specialist right now.


All forms of pest infestations should only be handled by a licensed expert. Amateurs don’t have the required resources for the job, and you’ll only worsen the problem. Hiring a pest exterminator is the only solution to your problems. Jeepers Creepers Exterminating Inc is the company that you should turn to if you want to book a bed bug removal service.


Our company has dealt with countless pest problems for many years. We offer dependable pest removal services that address each customer’s concerns. Our team focuses on the areas that have been greatly affected by the pests. You must book our bee removal service to get rid of the bees that made their hive in your home. If you need someone to deal with your rodent problem, you know which pest removal expert to hire for the job.


Whether you need a termite removal service or a cockroach control job, we are the professional pest control company that’ll give you a lasting solution to your problems. Our company hired a team of experienced and efficient pest exterminators. We strictly follow protocols to protect everyone from danger while we perform our job. Our exterminators utilize top-quality supplies to give our customers a timely and effective result.


Jeepers Creepers Exterminating Inc is the company that you must call if you want to book a pest control service

. Our company is available 24/7 so we can respond to your emergency needs immediately. We serve our clients who are in and the surrounding areas. If you want to schedule a consultation with us, you contact +18662276150 or you visit our office today!

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